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Berluti 【Berrutti】 Anjoul Mini Business Bag Briefcase Handbag Brown Leather For Men Men 【Used】

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● Product name: Berlutti Business bag
Size ●: about W 38cm × H 28cm × D 8cm / shoulder approx: 32cm
Specifications ●: W zipper opening / closing: outside: zipper pocket × 1 / open pocket × 2 / inside: zipper pocket × 1 / open pocket × 1 / pen holder × 2
● Product rank: BC
There is a point where the leather is peeled off by the corner thread. [Sure] is seen on the surface and the bottom. There are scratches and dullness on the metal fittings. There are also places where threads and thin dirt and threads are jumping out of the handle. You can see the part of the leather near the opening and closing by the thread. There is a place where some fastener lanes are floating by the hotsure, and there is a place where opening and closing is a little hard. (There is a degree of damage that fingers can get in because it is sewn even in the closed state, but it is hard to understand if you look at it from near.) There is a yellow bond stain on the bottom inside. There is a case that there is damage that can not be described because it is a product with a feeling of use. If you do not understand used goods, please refrain.
● Comments: A deep, brown color that feels a calming impression will be a simple yet elegant item.
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